Probiotic Chocolate

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Depuravita Probiotic Chocolate is formulated with pure cocoa and Bacillus Coagulans BC30 a signature probiotic strain to balance and heal our microbiome. GanedenBC30’s 20+ research studies confirm its safety and efficacy and support the following 5 claims :
• Probiotic
• Supports Digestive Health
• Supports Immune Health
• Enhances Protein Utilisation
• GanedenBC30 Survives 10x More Effectively Than Yogurt Cultures.

Ingredients: 48% min. Cacao. Organic cacao butter, organic cane sugar, organic almond peeled (24,5%), organic coconut sugar, probiotic Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 (2%), organic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, Bali salt.

Indications: each chocolate contains 100mg of recommended daily dose of Ganeden BC 30. Take one chocolate daily.

A unique product that unites chocolate, skincare and wellbeing. Our beauty chocolate range is the right mix of flavour and wellness to nourish your beauty from inside out. Two formulas that combine the sensory notes of rare chocolate with innovative beauty supplements. Treated minimally, the chocolate maintains the nutritional values of raw cacao with the added advantage of supplements. Standard chocolate is created using a roasting process, where the cacao beans are heated to dehydrate them. Raw chocolate is not. In basic terms, it is uncooked – so the lovely cacao beans can retain their rich flavour and nutrients.