Green Cleanse

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Tailored by juice experts and green juice lovers. Pure natural energy for green souls!

This detox is perfect for those who are experts in juice cleanses. Sip some greens to thoroughly cleanse and restore your body. It has a strong alkalizing power, which will help drain your lymphatic system. With its low calorie content and delicious taste, your mind and body will notice the difference in no time.

A balanced plan with strong detox power to restore balance in your gut. Speed up your metabolism for perfect weight control. You will gradually feel lighter and your body will slim down, giving lasting benefits.


07am-09am: Morning Sun + 1 Germoglio + 1 Energy

10am-12am: 1 Prato + 1 Probiotic Water 

12am-2pm: 2 Gustavo

2pm-4pm: 1 Bosco + Raw Bite cashew

5pm-6pm: 1 Giada

6pm-7pm: 1 Coccovera

8pm-10pm: 2 Extreme Greens

11pm: Starnight