Classic Cleanse

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If you are new to juice cleanses, why not start with our best-seller?

The Classic Detox is perfect for those who are new to detoxes. With its many different healthy and natural juices, which are guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds, it is the ideal way to purify and regenerate your body. Following this detox, your body will become accustomed to receiving nutrients and will therefore crave healthy food in the future. On the whole, it will have a positive effect on both your mind and body.

The program is hydrating, draining, nutritious and cleansing: you will soon get an all-round, profound sense of wellbeing. A perfectly balanced plan by the Depuravita nutritionists: a particularly rich mix of mineral salts, vitamins and fibre to cleanse your body, recharge your batteries and make you feel healthier. The classic detox juices are formulated using the holistic philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and follow the TCM organ clock

07am-09am: Morning Sun + 1 Germoglio + 1 Energy

10am-12am: 1 Prato + 1 Probiotic Water

12am-2pm: 1 Gustavo + 1 Bosco

2pm-4pm: 1 Sole + 1 Raw Bite protein

5pm-6pm: 1 Rubino

7pm-8pm: 1 Gold Energy

9pm-10pm: 1 Squash (to heat up)

11pm: Starnight