About Us

Depuravita encompasses a holistic range of juice cleanses, supplements and elixirs that purify the body and soul. Based in Lombardy, Italy, it has established itself as a pioneer in the burgeoning detox and clean beauty world and is an antidote to chemically engineered anti-age products. Firm believers in humankind’s connection to nature and the universe, Depuravita farms its own fruit and vegetables in a lush hamlet on the edge of the Italian Alps and sources its rare, exotic vitamins and minerals all around the globe.

The Founder's VISION
Born in Istanbul, Sandra Nassima, a former design manager and wanderlust traveler, has lived in frenetic cities like New York, Miami and Milan. City living taught her the importance of clearing the mind and body and protecting them from the toxins and stress associated with urban life. Tired of chemically-enhanced products, she turned to Mother Nature on her quest for the best detox and beauty elixirs on the market. In 2018, Nassima envisaged a groundbreaking project that would combine skincare, nutrition and wellness, under the aegis of Ayurvedic, holistic philosophies. On her journey, she discovered that natural, organic, active ingredients are the key to restoring vitality and slowing down the aging process.

"With the universe as my guide, I embrace positive energy and like-minded, positive people -- all of whom play a vital role in inspiring this ever-evolving lifestyle revolution."

- Sandra Nassima